How to Get Back to Basics with Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns are on a pendulum that seems to swing back and forth in popularity among marketers and businesses and, once again, the pendulum is swinging in favor of direct mail. Core to the ongoing meta-trend of more personalized communications is the continued importance of direct mail. Direct mail is ideal for targeting, reaching, and tracking high-potential prospects, as well as increasing the activation of existing customers, whether they use the brand online or off.

While many marketers continue to focus on the breadth of reach with broad-based media, others are delving more deeply into their data and are seeing exponential returns via highly targeted and tracked traditional direct mail.

Direct mail is versatile in that it allows marketers to leverage data from a mix of online and offline sources, including digital purchases and loyalty and e-club memberships and transactions, to pinpoint potential high-value look-alikes in any market.

Marketers can use direct mail with their own customer base to reach specific segments of known customers with differentiated messaging to build greater recency, frequency, and monetary value.

Read the full article at Destination CRM about how personalizing your direct mail campaigns will drive results.

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